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Butter has a shelf life of around 3 months for unsalted and 5 months for salted butter. However, depending on storage conditions prior to and after purchase, the butter can deteriorate sooner and impart a rank flavor to your baking and food. Butter should not be exposed to light during storage. This is why it is thoroughly wrapped and it is best if wrapped in foil. If it has been unwrapped, it risks turning rancid faster than even the suggested use by date.


  • John Deere Scraper
    John Deere Scraper
    John Deere Scraper
  • Windpomp in the Karoo
    Windpomp in the Karoo
    Windpomp in the Karoo.
  • Windmill in Karoo South Africa
    Windmill in Karoo South Africa
    The beautifull Karoo in South Africa.
  • Tunnel Farming
    Tunnel Farming
    Tunnel for prodution of Carots in Magaliesberg South Africa
  • New FJ Cruizer
    New FJ Cruizer
  • Grape Farms
    Grape Farms
    Cape Town Franschhoek
  • Vineyard
    vineyard in the desert, Pella, Northern Cape, South Africa
  • Organic Farming
    Organic Farming
    Organic Farming
  • The Malaysian palm oil plant
    The Malaysian palm oil plant
    The Malaysian palm oil plant produces oil derived from its fruit. The oil is bright orange-red and high in carotene. Palm oil is used by manufacturers for frying potato chips, french-fries, doughnuts and many other foods.
  • Krone Baler Big pack 1290
    Krone Baler Big pack 1290
Landbou Nuus  AGRI NEWS NET
07 December 2016
Landbou Nuus AGRI NEWS NET
Die jongste navorsin... Read more

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Conrad's Veterinary Pharmacy Store
  We have SUPER exciting times laying ahead. The stock arriving for our first Conrad's Veterinary Pharmacy store. We will stock every single, ove... Read more

Press Release

Distell claims IWSC’s top spot as world’s best Brandy Producer of the Year.
Africa’s leading producer of spirits, Distell, has won the title of World’s Best Brandy Producer of 2016. Distell received the coveted title at... Read more

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