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Production tops 600 tractors; but who or what is Agrico?- South Africa

Powered by Daimler Chrysler engines – with displacements from 6.4L up to 14L – these tractors have power outputs from (approximately) 180hp right up to a whopping 550hp.

There are six different models in the range; all are articulated-chassis (pivot-steer) machines – designed primarily to pull heavy-duty tillage implements.

Production of the original 4+ series kicked off back in 1985; the tractors have undergone incremental improvements and tweaks during the intervening years.

The four smaller tractors in the line-up have ZF (6F 3R powershift) transmissions; their two larger siblings have Allison (6F 1R powershift) ‘boxes’. All six models are home to torque converters.

Agrico…In A Nutshell
Agrico can apparently trace its origins back to 1896, when Paul Andrag arrived in Cape Town (South Africa), having left Germany.

In 1904, he started his own business (moving from Cape Town to Saron). He began to import tractors and agricultural equipment. Agencies included Lanz (tractors), Perrot (irrigation equipment), Deutz (engines) and Fahr (combines).

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