Monsanto is an agriculture company with more than 20,000 dedicated employees with a focus on making a balanced meal accessible to everyone.

We work to help farmers produce food in a sustainable way. We think holistically about how our food is grown so farmers have the tools they need to have better harvests - to make a plate of meats, grains, fruits and vegetables within reach for every family.

Monsanto uses plant breeding and biotechnology to create seeds that grow into stronger, more resilient crops that require fewer resources.

At any stage, plants are threatened by pests, weather, weeds and disease. Monsanto looks at the issues that might affect future crop growth and works with others to help create solutions to protect plant health and minimize environmental impact.

We combine traditional plant breeding with modern techniques to produce vegetable seeds that help farmers better withstand nature’s challenges.

Monsanto shares real-time weather and specific field data with farmers to provide them with the information they need to make the best decisions for their farm throughout the growing season.

Research and education are at the heart of what we do. We have hundreds of facilities around the globe dedicated to supporting our work, including fields, labs, research centers and offices. And many of our sales employees take to the road to help bring local farmers a custom mix of products and services to support them and help their fields thrive.

Monsanto is a sustainable agriculture company. We deliver agricultural products that support farmers all around the world.

We are focused on empowering farmers—large and small—to produce more from their land while conserving more of our world's natural resources such as water and energy. We do this with our leading seed brands in crops like corn, cotton, oilseeds and fruits and vegetables. We also produce leading in-the-seed trait technologies for farmers, which are aimed at protecting their yield, supporting their on-farm efficiency and reducing their on-farm costs.

We strive to make our products available to farmers throughout the world by broadly licensing our seed and trait technologies to other companies. In addition to our seeds and traits business, we also manufacture Roundup® and other herbicides used by farmers, consumers and lawn-and-garden professionals.

Monsanto could not exist without farmers. They are our customers--the lifeblood of our company. More important, they are the support system of the world's economy, working day in and day out to feed, clothe and provide energy for our world.


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