Business On-Line Summit- Old Mutual

The Covid-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to the world at large. 

While the storm rages, we’ll do everything in our power to protect you and your investments. Join our Old Mutual Specialist Team -Madeleine Britz - Senior Legal Adviser Izak Odendaal - Investment Strategist Lizl Budhram - Head of Advice for Old Mutual Personal Finance. 175 Years of doing great things.

Africa's 1 Breakthrough Coach and Strategy Facilitator Carl Schultz will be joining us as we host 3 Days and 2 post summit webinars. Helping you make sense of this chaos and take advantage of new opportunities. Together we will build a strategy you can use to grow your business beyond Covid 19 and plan your comeback from the impacts of lockdown and social distancing.

Day 1:  25 June

Financial Solutions Focus

8 Sessions 

Business & Banking, Protecting Your Assets, How to Pay Less TAX, Effective Debt Collection and much more.

Day 2:  2 July

Industry Solutions Focus

8 Sessions

New Labour Law Applications, Systems for Success, Is BEE still relevant in this Covid 19 world? The Future of SMME’s in SA and much more.

Day 3:  9 July

Growth Solutions Focus

8 Session

Learn How to Access R250 Billion Retail Credit, Import and Export - The Golden Opportunity in SA, Succession Planning, Most Effective Marketing Tips and Strategies and much more.

You will get to hear a global as well as a local perspective on business and financial trends and the effects of Covid 19 on our world of business.  We partnered with a number of expert and strategic service providers to bring you solutions focusing on your business and your success. This is an on-line series, we will record and make all of the sessions available, use this opportunity to help you and your team get ahead of the chaos.


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