Bacteria, viruses, fungi or spoilage organisms

Are you struggling with bacteria, viruses, fungi or spoilage organisms in the following area’s?

Your crops on the land

Live stock

Production facility
Fruit and veggies in transit
Fruit and veggies after packing

To prevent the spread of diseases between animals, from animals to humans, from humans to animals AND humans to humans is the farmers responsibility! Plant diseases also reduce the production of good quality food. Most often, after a huge monetary spent there is no technical support or in-adequate technical support resulting in poor disease control, pollution and harmful results. The investment in health management systems are normally the first place where there are budget cuts resulting in great stock and crop losses. This means that the agriculture sector is struggling to support their people whereby they become dependent on imports, which have a ripple effect on the economy and food security.

Old school approach
Old technologies like bleach and alcohol ingredients in pesticides and disinfectants are toxic – they work by poisoning or burning microbes. Although still effective at killing germs, they’re very harsh on the environment and only work when the disinfectant is wet: as soon as it dries, it’s no longer effective.

What is the solution?

RBT is an alcohol-free, vapour free, environmentally friendly, colourless and odourless sanitiser.
It is non -hazardous, non-corrosive, effective in air spaces and soiled conditions with a residual effect and it stays active even when it is dry!

How is RBT work action different from ordinary sanitisers and cleaning material?

RBT combines barrier coating technology with multiple biocides that are effective against a wide range of pathogens. Barrier coatings are hostile to germs, however RBT is a star molecule that does not bind to the surface but sits on the surface and kill whatever meets the surface.

It’s a mechanical eradication, whereby the RBT molecule cuts through the membrane of the pathogen and the pathogens bleeds out. Conventional alcohol and bleach-based sanitisers eradication is a chemical eradication, whereby the pathogens ingest the molecule which makes mutations possible and pathogenic resistance to sanitisers occur. RBT, due to its properties have no effect on the look or feel of the surface (plant, fruit, vegetable, animal or production area) it’s being applied to and it is safe for humans, animals and the environment. It has devastating effect on the bacteria, viruses and fungi that spread disease and infection.

Residual Barrier Technology discourage the re-establishment of germs, it repels dirt, meaning the process of cleaning is so much easier! It has a residual barrier which means it continues to be effective long after it’s been applied, and through the ‘residual barrier’, it leaves surfaces free from bacteria and germs for far longer than any old school disinfectants.

RBT - Surface Sanitiser.

RBT is ONE product that can be used for:

Hand sanitiser-

Surface sanitiser-

Fogging of an area or truck- releases a mist which, although dry on contact, establishes a protective film on all areas within a ‘fogged’ room.


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