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Agriculture Investment

Due to the ongoing trade war between the United States and China, Chinese soybean imports in 2018-19 are forecast to fall by 1 million tonnes, according to a Sept. 10 Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

1. Current conditions:

Rain started to occur over the drought stricken areas of the Eastern and Southern Cape since the beginning of September. Cold fronts still frequently visit the country resulting in very cold conditions and snow over parts of the country. The occurrence of cold fronts is responsible for very high wind speeds and a very high fire risk.

Owners of small shops in South Africa – in most cases foreigners – have been accused of stocking counterfeit food and food that’s past its sell-by date. The issue has been caught up in xenophobic violence, with shop owners targeted by South Africans . There is very little hard data about what’s referred to as “fake food” in both the formal and informal sectors. 


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