Fanie Brink, Independent Agricultural Economist

"The only political and economic solution to save the economy and the country from the final destruction and ruin is the complete rejection of the ANC government's ideology of socialism and communism," says Fanie Brink, an independent agricultural economist.
He referred to the extremely worrying statement by President Cyril Ramaphosa during the ANC's birthday celebration in Kimberley who paid tribute to former president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, whom he described as an "icon" that "inspired" the ANC.

Brink says now is absolutely the right time for opposition parties to launch an alternative to the ANC's ideology by accepting and proclaiming the total return to a capitalist economic system as official policy. An economic system that can create growth through the driving force of the profit motive and the recognition of the private ownership of all the basic factors of production in the economy.

“The factors of production such as land and raw materials, capital, labour and management that entrepreneurs such as producers, manufacturers, private service providers and others need to create economic growth. Growth is only possible and sustainable if the supply side (contributions of all the businesses and industries) and demand side (contributions of private expenditure by consumers, capital formation and exports) of the economy can be improved. They are the most important role players in the economy as the creators of economic growth and prosperity. Exactly the same way growth is created for many years in the most countries in the world."

“However, very few politicians understand that economic growth is much more important to the country than the results of the next election or the political structural reforms of the ANC-government which destroys economic growth. The rejection of the ANC's ideology and the return to a capitalist economic system is the risk that the Democratic Alliance, as the official opposition, and the other opposition parties now have to take other than the totally disappearing from the scene in a one-party state with a dictator in power."

The ANC government only needs 3 more years to totally destroy the economy and the country! South Africa will then become the first developing country in Africa which created a very high level of prosperity and progress before 1994 through economic growth and technological development, but which was destroyed by socialism and communism - the final countdown to the total destruction has already begun,” says Brink.



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