Day of Prayer- South Africa

Agri SA calls on every South African to join hands and to pray for the future of our country, specifically for the much-needed agricultural sector.

“Agriculture is one of the primary sectors of the country that can play a role in stimulating economic growth,” said Agri SA President Pierre Vercueil. “The sector is currently facing various challenges, accompanied by political and policy uncertainty regarding, among others, land reform and the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution. The drought in western parts of the country and the Karoo has also had a negative impact on the ability of many farmer and farmworker communities in these regions to survive.”

A successful commercial agricultural sector must, as required by the National Development Plan, contribute towards stimulating economic growth, development and job creation. The sector also plays a role in promoting the country’s socio-economic objectives and, despite many uncertainties, still produces sufficient food for the country’s growing population.

“This is a year in which our country faces various challenges in promoting economic growth, job creation, exposing corruption, improving service delivery and ensuring the safety of fellow South Africans,” said Vercueil. “In these circumstances, including the devastating drought prevailing in certain parts of the country, the agricultural sector will continue to fulfil its role.”

There is much gratitude in large parts of the country which have received good rains. However, there are other parts where the drought persists, resulting in people and animals suffering immense hardship and struggling to survive.

“Now is the time for us as believers in all denominations and faiths to reach out to each other. South Africans are living in sensitive and difficult times.”

Agri SA calls on all faiths, churches and their members to pray for the following on Friday, 24 January 2020 between 13:00 and 14:00, wherever it is convenient for them:

• For the government to make the right political decisions in the interest of the country and the economy.
• For rain in the areas that continue to experience serious drought conditions, but also to give thanks for the good rains in other parts.
• For favourable farming conditions this year.
• For fellow citizens’ safety, as well as farm safety.

Agri SA strives for a country where citizens respect one another’s rights, promote good values and, in the spirit of nation building, support one another. With this call to prayer, Agri SA hopes it will bring South Africans closer together.




Farming Diary


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