• As the Festive season approaches, people are opening wine bottles in bars and restaurants and homes around the world, ready to kick back and relax.

  • We’ve decided to remove the “potato” from your mashed potatoes. Yes, this may seem odd at first, but chances are you might not even notice! You may even like them better! They will be healthier, quite a bit tastier, and have way fewer carbs.

  • Extreme heat has gripped the northern hemisphere in recent months, and the year 2018 is on track to be among the hottest ever recorded. Higher global temperatures are expected to have detrimental effects on our natural environments and our physical health, but what will they do to our mental health? 

  • Perfectly baked crust smeared with rich sauce and generously topped with an assortment of vegetables, cheese, and flavorful herbs – pizza is almost everyone’s favorite.

  • If you’re a coffee drinker, you know there’s nothing more blissful than that first sip of hot (or iced) coffee in the morning. Sure, it tastes delicious, but that’s the least of it:

  • So you’ve made it past the proverbial seven-year itch in your marriage. Congratulations! While we wish we could tell you it’s smooth sailing from here on out, unfortunately that’s just not so.

  • Once you know the fad diet myths to avoid, you can adjust your focus towards developing a diet that works for you. These principles can guide you in figuring out how to use food as fuel for life and developing a healthy diet that feels good for your body and that you can keep up for the long haul.

  • Are you sick and tired of the constant struggle of eating healthy and not losing weight? Does it seem like a lifelong battle that you can never win?

  • Smoking isn’t just harmful to human health, it’s also damaging the planet. That’s the key message of a new report commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) into the environmental costs of tobacco production.

  • Nuts are a great snack. They are full of protein, fiber, and healthy fat. Nuts also help you stay full and give you energy to get through a long meeting or a difficult workout. They are a great source of nutrients that are difficult to find in other foods. However, nuts are also very calorie dense. If you snack on nuts too much, you will find yourself gaining weight. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat nuts, though. As long as you limit your portions, nuts are a wonderful snack to enjoy.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be debilitating, embarrassing, and severely affects your quality of life. Although stress and diet are recognized as major contributing factors to IBS, scientists have yet to determine the exact cause of the problem.

  • Although your body naturally generates nitric oxide, as you age the amount your body is capable of producing decreases greatly. Without intaking a sufficient amount of food, your health, physically and mentally, can begin to deteriorate in different ways.

  • While it’s true that the majority of people need to work to earn a living, the type of work can vary greatly. You might sit behind a desk all day or maybe your work involves engaging in strenuous physical labor on a regular basis.

  • Health coaching in general has gained a large number of adherents recently. Multiple health conditions have been handled by this method, so it’s reasonable to take a look at adrenal fatigue coaching and determine how it works and whether it is effective.

  • Your liver is probably one of the most overworked organs in your body. It takes a beating every single day as it works tirelessly to filter your blood before passing it on to be recirculated, and also detoxes your body, and metabolize any drugs—prescription or otherwise—you may be taking.

  • Eating healthy does NOT have to be boring. There is a massive amount of foods out there that are both healthy and tasty.

  • Vitamin D is also known as ‘the sunshine vitamin‘ because our bodies synthesize it when sunlight hits our skin.

  • If a hot mug of joe or an icy cup of Starbucks is your preferred way to start the day, you've probably noticed that you feel, well, off when don't get your coffee fix. On those especially hectic mornings, you might even sort of hate the world. But that reaction isn't in your head, says Michael J. Kuhar, PhD, professor of neuropharmacology at Emory University.

  • Feeling like the pounds are starting to pile on? You aren’t alone, about 30% of Australian women aged 40 to 60 are obese, and another 30% are overweight but not yet obese.

  • There is cause for hope and cause for worry regarding both male and female fertility these days. On the one hand, new medical interventions have made possible what was previously impossible – helping women get pregnant long after the decline of their fertility using procedures like IVF and egg donations.




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