Dan Kriek

Dan Kriek, re-elected Agri SA president 2019- Resigned- December 2019 

Dan Kriek, 49, is an extremely busy man. A farmer and president of AgriSA, the country's largest association of commercial farmers, he regularly shuttles between his cattle farm in the district of Tweeling in the north eastern Free State, and Pretoria, where AgriSA's head office is. 

He grew up in Pretoria as the son of a respected political science professor of the same name and went on to complete a MSc degree in animal nutrition at the University of the Free State, where he currently serves on the university council. The Kriek children did not grow up thinking that their white skins made them better people and the young Dan's father explained South Africa's strange dynamics to him at an early age. 

The farming genes come from his mother's side of the family, and both her and his grandmother actively farmed in the Tweeling district. "My grandmother farmed alongside the Motholo family and they looked after her when she was farming alone. It made a great impression on me. They were dignified people for whom I had a lot of respect. The Motholos are now retired and their cattle still graze on my farm, where my team looks after them."  He does however believe that South Africa has reached an inflection point in its history and that dialogue and negotiation and talking about the country's original sin is imperative. 



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