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  • I recently posted this picture of amassed corn stalk residue on my The Farmer’s Life facebook page with the description “Water has caused crop residue to accumulate in some areas creating a thick mat. In our no-till fields. 

  • Farmers have always cared for the land. They understand, more than anyone, the vital importance of the health of their soil, and the role it plays in producing an abundant harvest and a better planet for all of us. Farmers take their role in maintaining soil health very seriously. Over the past few decades, soil health has been and continues to be transformed.

  • Agriculture has gone through quite a revolution over the past two centuries, with the introduction of tractors, chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in the last century. But since the dawn of agriculture thousands of years ago, one thing remained a very common practice right up to now - plowing the soil. In fact, a quick drive through Orange County will help you quickly see that this practice remains common.




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