AGCO AutoDock connects combine header in 5 seconds

The AutoDock automatic system for connecting and disconnecting combine heads, is a time-saving option offered on DynaFlex 9300 Series draper heads and 3300 Command Series corn heads for IDEAL combines.
“Farmers need to make every minute count during harvest, and using AutoDock can save several hours of harvest time over a season for operators who change heads frequently,” says Kevin Forth, AGCO senior tactical marketing manager.

“One touch of the in-cab control terminal starts the five-second AutoDock process, eliminating trips for the operator from the cab to the combine head.

Automating the harvesting process
“We’re very excited to introduce this technology, because it is a key first step on the way to totally automating the harvesting process in the future,” Forth says. “And it’s a nice follow-up to IDEALdrive joystick steering, which is another example of AGCO’s intentional creation of smart solutions for our farmer customers.”

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Automated functions to help keep harvest moving
The AutoDock header docking system eliminates the job of manually lifting and attaching or detaching drivelines, which normally takes two minutes or longer each time a header is connected or disconnected.

Instead, the operator maneuvers the combine to the header, lifts the header from the ground or trailer with the combine, then simply pushes the attach icon on the touch-screen control panel.

Single-point coupler
Pushing the detach icon reverses the process when it’s time to remove the header.

“Changing headers is not only time consuming, but it can be a dirty, tiring job,” Forth says. “Staying in the cab lets the driver avoid contact with the dust, chaff and hydraulic oil that comes with handling header connections manually.”

AutoDock also reduces the need for a second person on the ground to manually attach drivelines which can also minimise the opportunity for errors.

Once header settings are initially programmed into the combine’s computer, the operator simply selects the specific header, and the combine automatically configures the appropriate settings for header width and sensitivity for the header height control, which again saves time.

AutoDock available on all IDEAL combines and headers
The AutoDock system can be ordered as an option on all Fendt IDEAL combines. It is available for the DynaFlex 9300 Series draper head and 3300 Command Series corn heads equipped with AutoDock drivelines and adapters for the multi-coupler attachment.

DynaFlex 9300 Series headers come in five cutting widths from 30 to 50 feet. The 3300 Command Series corn heads are available in chopping and non-chopping models with 30-inch row spacing in eight-, 12- and 16-row configurations.

Although the AutoDock system is currently available only for AGCO headers, Forth says it will be made available for third-party headers in the future.