Natrocine Health Assist - Your First Protection

Natrocine Health Assist - Your First Protection

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Immune reactivation for anybody with compromised immunity and suppressed immunity due to stress, prolonged use of antibiotics, fatigue, immunological cancers, syndromes and illnesses.

Functioning of Natrocine Health Assist


  • Stimulate T-helper cell function to reactivate and balance the immune system
  • Make cells more permeable and enriched with life-giving oxygen and other nutrients while facilitating the removal of toxins.

    Natrocine Health Assist works on both the immune system (that acts against infections) and the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Natrocine Health Assist is a combination of Potassium Humate and Methyl Sulphonyl Methane – all natural and organic molecules. The Product is suitable for vegetarians and is specifically designed to:

    • Stimulate T-helper cell function to reactivate and balance the immune system
    • Make cells more permeable and enriched with life-giving oxygen and other nutrients while facilitating the removal of toxins.

    Natrocine Health Assist actively allows for normal immune responses and now also allow for healthy cell replacement. The potassium rich amino humate combine with the natural properties of organic sulphur and forms an integral part of the body’s physiological action to heal itself. Natrocine Health Assist has the ability to stimulate intramacrophageal phagocytosis and can assist in the elimination of both bacterial and viral dormant infections as seen in Tuberculosis (TB), Diabetes, Flu, Coxsackie, Cytomegalo, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic Anaemia, the common cold – in effect all illnesses that have the ability to suppress T-helper (CD4) cell function and stands to benefit from its reactivation.

    By ensuring a strong and active immune system that has the ability to opsonify seasonal and pandemic viruses, Natrocine Health Assist is perfect to protect the body and take preventative action against such illnesses and diseases.

    Natrocine Health Assist thus functions by stimulating and reactivating natural interdependent supporting systems in the human physiology. The two main interactions can be elaborated on as follows.

    On the immunological side, Natrocine Health Assist actively stimulates the T-helper (Th) cell function which secondarily activates Natural Killer (Nk) cells as well as Cytotoxic (Tc) cell function to enhance intracellular phagocytises and liposomal respiratory burst activity in order to eliminate dormant pathogens in macrophage cells. This is measurable by determining the amount of Erythroblast, T-cells, B-cells, plasma cells, immune modulation as well as red blood cell formation before and after treatment – a direct indicator of Th2 cell function and of secondary Interleukin 2 (IL2) production. The end result is an activated Immune System. Test results shows a marked increase in the stimulation of T-helper function, with the end result an activation of the B-cell response with increased antibody production, as well as stimulation of red blood cell production through IL2 affected by Th cells. There is furthermore a drop in the Dormant Macrophage Infection Index (DMII) brought about by Nk cell activity which in turn is a direct result of Th1-cell stimulation.

  • Tuberculosis (TB) has been the standard model to explain Type IV Immune reaction and also highlights the functioning of Natrocine Health Assist. Because the TB bacillus is an intracellular organism, the immune response will primarily be that of the cellular immunity type with T-helper and lymphocytic cells the most important effector cells in this response. These cells can under the influence of Interleukin 1 and 2 be transformed to Natural Killer and Cytotoxic T-cells that have the primary function to actively kill and destroy intracellular organisms. T-helper cells also excrete an array of lymphokinins at this point – the interferon that have the ability to kill viruses.

  • On the cellular side, Natrocine Health Assist helps the body to replace old worn cells with new ones. When all the raw materials needed to produce cell building are available, our natural cellular system is a very efficient process; but when there are deficiencies, the new cells may be weak, rigid or deformed. One of the most important raw materials for building healthy new cells is a form of organic sulphur known as Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM). This element is so essential to life itself that it is found in every cell of every plant and animal and makes for around 0.25% of human body mass. MSM is not a medicine, a drug or an additive. It is a food. It is a naturally occurring nutrient that gets into the diet through the sulphur cycle. It is an organic form of sulphur that is easily absorbed and utilised by the human body and is vital to the production of energy. Unfortunately MSM levels decline noticeable with age and a challenging lifestyle. Natrocine Health Assist has specifically been designed to replenish our organic sulphur levels. Once it has been supplemented, Natrocine Health Assist decreases the pressure inside the cell. In removing fluids and toxins, the sulphur affects the cell membrane plus forms sulphate compounds with sodium, potassium, magnesium and selenium. These sulphur compounds play an essential role in many body organs and systems. As an example many amino acids – the building blocks of protein – have sulphur as a component. Another example is Taurine – a sulphur containing amino acids that is involved in pain relief. Carnitine also comes from methionine and transports long chain fatty acids thus preventing accumulations of lipoproteins. Many B-complex vitamins interact with or contain sulphur. It is even needed for insulin production.

  • Natrocine Health Assist therefore also acts as an anti-oxidant that helps to clean the blood stream and flush toxins trapped in our cells. It also acts as a foreign protein and a free radical scavenger.

    Healthy cell renewal per se will show benefits both internally and externally. Conditions that have responded to MSM supplements are very diverse and include diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle soreness and muscle pain as well as skin damage caused by aging. - Nappi Code-

  • TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this PRODUCT and if your understand what immune mean you will understand why this product is your Defence against VIRUSSES- 

  • PROTECT yourself against Viruses and the elimination of both bacterial and viral dormant infections

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