Dr Theo de Jager

Dr The de Jager -SACAU President, Chairman AgriSA and President of the World Farmers Organisation.

Dr. Theo de Jager is currently the President of SACAU and President of Saai. He formerly served as the president of Agri Limpopo, executive member of Agri Letaba, Chairman of the Trichardtsdal farmer association and farmed in the Tzaneen district since 1997 in South Africa.

The WFO is an organisation of agricultural producers that aims to strengthen farmers' positions within value chains, with a particular focus on smallholder farmers. 

For the past eight years De Jager represented Agri SA at the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Union (SACAU) and as president of the organisation since 2013. He recently stepped down as president of the Pan African Farmers Organisation (PAFO) as well as chairperson of the Non-state Actors Coalition of Nepad.  He also served for 10 years in Agri SA’s General Council, as chairperson of Agri SA’s General Affairs Chamber as well as the Transformation Committee.  

Dr de Jager has confirmed his participation for the Board meeting as the Chairman’s invited guest.  The Chairman invites Dr de Jager to share his profile with the Board and provide highlights of his expectations.

His been deeply involved in hiscountry's highly charged land reform, and has even lost a farm of his own in the process. But recently, De Jager has been doing some different work for his organisation: travelling around Africa looking for land that he and other South African farmers can acquire, on a large scale. De Jager's first success was in Congo-Brazzaville. The government promised him and his fellow farmers as much land as they might want throughout the country, along with freedom from import duties, taxes and restrictions on the repatriation of profits. De Jager and about 15 other South Africans set up a company called Congo Agriculture, and negotiated a contract with the government for 80,000 ha. The first 48,000 ha were divided into 30 farms for the participating South African farmers. De Jager says that he's already picked out plots for himself, and intends to produce oil palm, timber and cattle.



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