Coal/ Iron ore /Commodities/Chrome/Mines - South Africa and International

Coal/ Iron ore /Commodities/Chrome/Mines - South Africa and International

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Welcome to this Marketing and Advertising page - 

We have various mines and commodities  FOR SALE in South Africa



Please contact us if you can supply- Buyers ready with a full LOI


We ungently looking for Manganese - 46% 40,000 tonnes per month

R950 per ton FOT including R 50  commission 

Procedure- LOI  FCO SPA


 NEW -  150,000 tons Iron ore 62/64 Hematite lumpies available FOB Saldanha Bay $110 per ton including $3 commission
MT760 or EFT first three months thereafter DLC for the rest of contract  



Coal Prices: - Supplier 1: - · 27 CV ROM - R690 excl Vat · RB1 - R1150 excl Vat - 1000 on the floor - 5000 weekly · RB3 - R800 excl Vat - no stock on the floor - 5000 tons weekly · RB1 spec - Peas R1150 excl Vat - 5000 weekly · Duff - R670 excl Vat - 5000 weakly · Prices include R20.00 commission R10 seller side closed and R10 buyer side open

Suppler 2: - JUNE -2022 PRICES · RB1-R1050 · RB2-R970 · RB3-R860 · Prices include R20.00 commission R10 seller side closed and R10 buyer side open

 All prices quoted exclude Vat and FOT terms. Payment 100mt if client wish to perform Sample test from mine AND site visit. 

Payment can me made direct in company account or use seller Attorney Trust account additional fee 1% shall apply. Full monthly amount is required to secure site allocation. Of which weekly upfront is used for production to next week upliftment. Inventory is made to order, so we do not hold stock. Upon accepting procedure and signed SPA documents kindly note a 5% penalty for non performance will be applicable. Review of price on monthly basis, subject to market/production price volatility greater than 5%. We make every effort to keep price stable.

Look forward to doing business with you.

Supplier 3: - Morning. These are the coal prices I have at present: · 20CV R520 · 21CV R550 · 22CV R590 · 23CV R610 · 25CV DUFF R710 · RB1 WASHED R1230 · RB2 WASHED R1035 · RB3 WASHED R905 ·

Prices include R20.00 commission R10 seller side closed and R10 buyer side open Above from Witbank Notes: -

Above prices based on the current market trend. There has been an increase on diesel and the start of a new month. I am still waiting for another supplier to revert to me this afternoon. Thought best to send what I have so long. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to quote on your account.


Please sent us a mail for more details. You mail must include your Company and Contact details.


We have direct access with mines and owners of Mines in South Africa

We can supply Iron ore, Coal, Diesel and Gold

We have several buyers for White Lithium - Please contact us if you selling White Lithium

We looking for Fertilizer suppliers


International buyers is welcome to contact us- 

Contact us directly with your requirements and we will assist you

(PROCEDURE in short:- LOI will be required; SPA will be given; Signed SPA to be returned with Proof of Funds; Site visit will be arranged immediately).


Please don't contact the offices of CRA Group or

ONLY use the following e-mail address:-  E- mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you want to sell a mine- of have commodities FOR SALES sent us mail and we will assist you.