Chapter 1 – What is Cancer?

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In this chapter we will have a look at what cancer is and more importantly, what causes it. Most people in the medical industry believe cancer to be a genetic disease where a cell or cells in the body become mutated in response to toxicity.

I believe this to be a valid statement, but it is not to be confused with a disease being hereditary.
Cancer is created when human cells are exposed to toxicity for an extended period causing damage to the mitochondria of the cells. This damage to the DNA causes the cells of the body (which are designed to die, divide and form new cells) to mutate. When this mutation happens too fast the body cannot control it and these mutated cells start to divide and form like human cells, but only faster and as a separate life form. These new cancerous cells start poisoning surrounding tissues and create an environment in which they can survive and grow, unlike most genetic abnormalities in the body where a mutation only causes a part of your body to malfunction. Motor Neuron Disease or Down Syndrome are examples of these. Cancer, however, becomes a living entity in your body with a consciousness and desire to live, adapting and changing to survive. It is like having an alien in your body that will eventually spread and kill you. The difference between an alien and what is happening with you is that an alien is extrinsic, meaning it formed as a being, outside your body. Cancer is something you created.
It is important to understand that not all cancers are the same since not all mutations are the same. The big question is, “What caused the mutation?” Find the cause, and you are on your way to the cure. In my experience, this is one of the reasons that make cancer so difficult to cure. Most people with cancer lack the awareness to know what is causing their condition.
The difference between the medical world and myself is that I don’t believe that our DNA is set, or that we are predisposed to a disease. I have an understanding that your genes are affected by your thoughts, feelings and emotions. If cancer is the light, then genes are the light switch and your emotions are the fingers flipping the switch.
There is a whole field of science dedicated to this subject known as Epigenetics. This new science is proving what so many in the alternative healing world have known for centuries, and that is by simply changing our thoughts to be more positive, by letting go of old hurts and emotions, we can alter the way that our DNA behaves.
“What if all you had to do to avoid cancer was just choose to be happy?”
Once a set of genes has been switched on, you become more susceptible to disease. Now all it needs is a trigger, like the toxicity we are exposed to every day. Conventional medicine has identified diet as being the main toxic culprit for cancer. Easy enough to understand when you examine the quality of food we are eating in our modern diet. Perhaps in your case it is what caused your cancer, but if it was only diet, wouldn’t everybody who ate the same way as you have cancer?
Conversely, wouldn’t the cure for most cancers be to eat better? To better understand this all, let’s have a look at these different types of toxicity.
Ingested Toxins
Every meal we eat, even the healthiest, will yield a degree of toxicity. This is one of the reasons we have a liver, lungs, skin and kidneys, to process and excrete all these toxins. Now when we add overeating, the poor quality of inorganic foods, processed foods, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified foods (which our bodies don’t always identify as food) and poor combinations of food, not to mention what we breathe in or absorb through our skin, it is easy to comprehend how our bodies delicate system can start getting overloaded.
When our organs can’t handle the excess all the chemicals start getting stored, first in the fat cells of the body and over time in other parts of the body that have fat cells.
Now when you understand how many of the vital organs are made from fat, it becomes clear why our bodies start to glitch. Every one of the organs have fat in them and the main one that controls them all, the brain, is entirely made from fat. Perhaps this is the reason we are also seeing such an increase in brain issues. Humanity has never had so many cases of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, ADHD, Depression and of course Brain Cancer.
When you understand this, it is easy to understand how you could have created a mutation in your cells. When you understand this, it starts to make the hereditary argument fall a bit flat. After all, if you eat the same way as your parents, wouldn’t that make your body toxic in the same way?
If you have the same thought patterns experience emotions in the same way, wouldn’t that activate the same genes?
Once your body starts to get toxic, systems in the body start taking strain and the body starts to malfunction. At this stage the average person will seek help from a trusted source.
Enter modern medicine. I could write for days about the corruption of the medical system, but you should know about this already or you’ve been living under a rock somewhere in the Andes. We all have an awareness of the flaws of this system and yet when we get sick, the first people we go to are our doctors. It must be stated that I have nothing against doctors, but I think they can do better.
Medicines do not treat the body as a system of energy but rather as individual components. This method simply doesn’t work, and the result of not treating the underlying issue means that the body starts to break down in other areas too. The mentality of most people is mirrored by the healthcare profession, and that is to simply sweep the problem under the proverbial rug. I am different in my approach. I am always seeking cure. You should be too.
Medicines also create more toxicity in the body because medicines are not designed to cure. I have met people who are on as many as 25 different chronic medications every day. For me, this demonstrates an absolute lack of connection to body. If you’re going to function from this space while trying to cure yourself of cancer, you may as well put the book down now. If this is not you and you desire change, carry on reading.
What occurs when you take medicines that are designed to treat symptoms is that your body, which is trying to tell you that something is wrong with your lifestyle, gets smashed with more toxicity and it develops another issue. Instead of just making the changes that were required to be cured, you now have two issues. One from the drug, and one from your lifestyle. Its friggin genius!
How much ignorance have you chosen to create your situation?
What is it going to take to change?
What about everything you breathe in and touch?
Obviously smoking causes cancer. We have known that for decades. You should also know that you are constantly breathing in toxins (unless you live in the mountains) and with the worsening quality of air in the world, it has become more difficult to keep our lungs healthy.
Add into the equation the fact that everything we touch gets absorbed through the skin. If you test a fat cell from your body, you will find traces of cyanide, wood paint, acetone, and many harmful chemicals.
This begs the obvious question. If I detox will I get rid of my cancer? I will answer that question in a few pages.
But this is not the only type of toxicity
Ever heard of radiation? Skin cancer, one of the most common types of cancer, is caused by radiation from the sun.
The sun’s rays give off radiation, as do cell phone towers and microwaves, to name but a few. I always find it strange that they treat cancer with radiation which is known to cause cancer. It’s a bit like trying to set a broken bone with a baseball bat.
One of the more interesting causes of cancer is impact toxicity. Every time you are impacted, energy from the impact is transferred into your body. Because energy cannot be destroyed, it has to be transferred and if it is not transferred out of the body, the trapped energy can cause chronic inflammation which can lead to the type of mutation that causes cancer.
I have dealt with a few clients whose cancer started with an accident, and it is always such an interesting discussion as people who use the accident as reference never equate the accident with their cancer. It is rare but possible in my experience.
And then there is my personal favourite – Emotional Toxicity
Forty years ago, if you had said the cause of somebody’s cancer was because of emotional toxicity, you might have been regarded as a freak. Today, however, we are more aware than ever of the effect that holding onto old stuck emotions can cause cancer. Authors like Louise Hay have made a massive impact on people’s lives with their awareness of what causes disease. In my own practice I have noticed very distinctive similarities between the nature of people and the diseases they create.
To better understand how emotional toxicity affects your body we need to have a look at energy. Everything in its simplest form is energy. If we break down matter to its smallest component, we are left with nothing but energy, space and consciousness. I could write about this for days, but all you need to understand is that our basic form is energy and consciousness. It is this consciousness that creates evolution.
What if your disease is an opportunity for evolution?
Evolution of your mind, body and spirit. You can choose not to believe this of course but the mind is a powerful tool on your journey. Do you really want to believe that you have less control over your situation? Which one of these belief systems is going to create more for you?
Getting back to the emotional toxicity…
Our bodies have a survival mechanism known as the “Fight-or-Flight response”. Basically, we have an instinctive self-protection mechanism that is designed to protect us from a physical threat by mobilising the body for action by either fighting off the threat or running away from it.
When a threat is perceived, the brain immediately releases a flood of hormones, adrenalin being the most prevalent, to prepare the body for action. Blood is moved away from the organs very quickly, and into the heart, lungs, brain and extremities. This is the reason that someone who is exposed to a sudden shock can wet themselves or even soil their pants. The body literally dumps all excess to free up as much blood as possible to carry energy.
There is a massive amount of energy that is freed up to get you out of a life-threatening situation. The problem comes in where we don’t use the energy that is freed up to help
us fight-or-flight. If you have ever seen a wild animal survive an attack by another animal, it will sit afterwards and shake all the excess nervous energy out of the body, similar to a controlled seizure. They are doing this because innately they recognise that the amount of potentially harmful energy floating around the body can cause damage.
Animals instinctively know that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred and so they are transferring it out of their bodies. Children will do it, but for some reason, we have lost the ability to shake out this excess energy.
Here is where the issue really starts to get a foothold in the body. Every “life-threatening” situation which causes you stress also has an energy. The energy of being raped is very different to the energy of being verbally abused. The energy of the fear of not having money and not being able to survive is different to the energy of a fight with your partner. Combine the emotional energy of the incident with the physical response from your body, and you have an energy that will move around the body until the body finds a way of storing it to be released at a later stage. An example of this might be rectal cancer in someone who was sexually abused, or throat cancer in someone who feels like they have no voice because they were always told to be quiet.
Healers have noted that similar types of stress store in the same body parts, hence the reason why people like Louise Hay, have been able to identify emotional distresses being linked to disease. Lower back pain for instance is linked to survival, while foot pain might be the inability to move forward.
If you put enough of this nervous energy into an area, it starts to cause the cells of the body to misbehave. They might absorb less nutrients or even mutate to cause cancer cells.
Add to this that your thoughts, feelings and emotions are affecting your DNA and you have arguably the most powerful potentiator of cancer.
What if this is the reason so many humans get cancer relative to animals?
What if this is also the reason so many people aren’t cured of cancer?
What if most issues are not body issues, but rather being issues?
Interesting question Chett, what is the difference between body issues and being issues?
A body issue is simple. Exposure to radiation causes the cells of the body to mutate with the result being cancer.
A being issue is very simple to those who have good self-awareness, but to the unaware it appears far more complex. It is simply the underlying thoughts, feelings and emotions that caused your cancer genes to be switched on.
What if you created the cancer for a reason? What if your innate spirit has chosen cancer for the greater good?
This is a particularly emotional subject and I need to remind you that not everything here is the truth for you, but it might be for someone else. If something resonates with you, and you feel a sense of lightness or even excitement, that is your truth. Follow it…
Key Points
1. Cancer is not hereditary.
2. Our genetics are affected by thoughts, feelings and emotions.
3. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are a toxin that can affect our genetics and even on an energetic level create a change in the cell, resulting in mutation.
4. When we combine this genetic change with external toxicity, we become even more susceptible to cancer.
5. Identify what is causing your cancer and make the necessary changes.

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