Farmers face constant uncertainty and "Stress" in South Africa

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Farmers in South Africa face constant uncertainty regarding weather, politics and market fluctuations - all factors out of their control.

Most of them are constantly under medical " drugs" prescribed by Doctors ,combined with isolation that contributes to worrying levels of depression and suicide.

Both male and female farmers had high levels of depression symptoms. Mostly due to the farm murdering and the current land reform situation. The negative media in South Africa is also part of the constant negative vibe across South African farming community. It's all about sensation and bad reporting. Some farmers spent a lot of time in front of the Television and all the "crap" is also part of their negative thoughts. 

In South Africa, stress is unique to farmers, such as the physical environment, family structure, farm economy and bureaucracy,in recent years been aggravated by structural and economic changes in agriculture. The total down fall of the Country side and all the suffering of people are part of this negative vibe around our farmers. Farmers gathering together around a so called "braai" can also be very negative in their talks and chats about their profession and the current problems in South Africa. 

Farmers are responsible not only for production of food but  also for the payment of salaries to their workers. A lot of people depend on the success of the farmer, and this translates to pressure and expectations. He need to rely on the weather and lots of other unknown situations. As farmers are exposed to the weather, fire, pests, politicians ,diseases and fluctuating markets.

Our Agri News Net team traveled over 60,000 kilometers visiting the country side of South Africa and part of other neighboring countries. The infrastructure of the smaller towns in South Africa is falling apart due to the governments bad management. These town rely on Framers and their workers for a Income.

South African farmers face the worrying prevalence of farm attacks and negative statements made by politicians surrounding land. All of this adds up to a toxic mix that most people would struggle to cope with. In most cases they work with people that is very negative and intoxicated with bad negative energy. Politicians are always busy informing their supporters with bad lies and information. 

Feeling in control for some farmers is important for mental health, and farmers with high job demands, but little flexibility in decision-making, have higher levels of mental distress. Farming business and companies rely on farmers to produce and this put extra stress on these companies and their workers.

South Africa have seen a steady decline in the population of many farming communities due to vulnerability, unpredictable climatic extremes and long-term agricultural restructuring. Threats of reduced employment opportunities, higher rates of poverty, the withdrawal of critical services such as banks, business and health care are part of a falling community. Farmers in South Africa have a sword hanging over them from the Government, financial institutions and a lot of other things.

Men tend to mask depression, which is why, when they commit suicide, it is often unexpected. The depression is mostly coming from over thinking and running out of real nutrition. Most for the farmers behavior is risk-taking, overworking and then sudden withdrawal. They get sick over a long time of constant stress and they start to lose their masculine paradigm and become weak and overweight with lots of other bad medical conditions. 

Excessive smoking and abusing alcohol is an acceptable social practice within a community that approve this way of dealing with depression. Most of these stressed farmers are all ready on chronic "drugs" for sugar and heart related problems. 

Farmers who arrive at the point of seeking help are at a further disadvantage due to their isolation and limited access to real people who know how to assist them without feeding them "drugs" and putting them through all kinds of medical tests, that will cost them a lot of money.

Most Clinical psychologist and Doctors will keep them busy for hours  at high rates, all paid by the medical schemes and they will put them on a so called "Soft Drug" the make them feel great and in the clouds.  Or a very creative Sleeping pill that will put them out and about and make them forever addictive to this pill and securing an steady income for the "drug" companies. 

It's important to look after your health and no "drug" will ever heal a nutrition problems or getting a organ back in balance. The medical profession do not have any spare parts for your body but they want your money- so look after you body and start getting your stress related weight back. Stop listening and looking at all the weight loss programs on Television - you are the one and only-

Get you mind body and soul in balance - 

South African farmers will all ways survive and they will also survive this sword of land reform hanging over their heads.  It s new new season lying ahead- get you health on track get yourself fit and get your mind in charge of your body and take on every day with wisdom and always keep your power- Never give it away- protect you name and always know your enemy. Never fear and man- protect your family and always believe in yourself.  Johanel .  Quanlim Life. 

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